Remember last week when I “husband shamed” Mike for almost flying to San Francisco the day before Hurricane Sandy hit? Seems like forever ago. In other news, IMAGINE IF HE HAD GONE??? I would have written him a shaming sign so large, he’d have seen it from California.

Anyway, I asked for volunteers to shame their husbands and although the response was very enthusastic, NOT ONE PERSON FOLLOWED THROUGH. What? No wives with balls out there? Or are your husbands all perfect saints??

Instead (because HUSBAND SHAMING MUST BE A THING regardless of whether anybody wants to participate), I called upon my mom friends in Blogland to step up to the plate.

Thankfully, they don’t have nearly the amount of respect for their spouses as you all do.

Let’s start with Brenna from Suburban Snapshots since she was the first to get the ball rolling and because I like her husband’s jacket:

Husband shaming 7

Next we have Bethany from Bad Parenting Moments whose husband clearly went straight from living with his mother to shacking up with his wife:

Husband-shaming-bethany-bad parenting moments

Then there’s Kerry from House Talk N who couldn’t bring herself to shame her own husband but somehow convinced half the men in her neighborhood to do it:

Husband shaming 6



Moving on to the lovely Jessica from Four Plus an Angel who wasn’t going to participate until she witnessed THIS:


And then there’s Anna from My Life and Kids. Ummm… not sure if this is more embarassing for her or her husband…


Here’s Robin from Robin’s Chicks. I’m gonna assume 36 is a really good score…

Husband-shaming-robin-robin's chicks

If I were Kelley from Kelley’s Break Room, I’d implement a new dinnertime rule called “Every Man For Himself”:


Toulouse from Toulouse and Tonic might be my favorite, only because I’m pretty sure I’ve been to this “party”…


But no one beats Nicole from Ninja Mom whose husband should truly feel BEYOND ashamed:

Ninja Mom Hubby Shaming

What do you say we all chip in and buy a billboard for Nicole, ‘mmmkay?

I already tried to get you guys to submit your own husband shaming pics and failed, so let’s play a game in the comment section instead:

What would be written on your husband’s sign?